Bērnu Veselības Centrs
Raiskuma street 1,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1006
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We understand parents perfectly, but what is most important – we understand children. That is exactly why we are opening Bērnu Veselības Centrs, the first specialised new format children’s clinic in Latvia. The best specialists are working here, and their knowledge and practical experience is aimed at providing help specifically to young patients.

In many ways the success of the treatment depends on a timely establishing of the right diagnosis, and here our specialists are assisted by the newest highly-precise diagnostic equipment recommended by clinics in Germany and Italy. After the cause of the sickness has been established, it is time for the team of doctors to take action.

“An organism is a unified whole. A specific organ is never hurting on its own, other organs are also always suffering, which is why we believe that a complex approach guarantees an effective treatment”

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