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About us

A child’s sickness is always stressful for parents. How to determine what is causing the child’s pain, how to relieve the child’s suffering quickly and effectively, where to find the best specialists… there are so many questions that need to be answered as fast as possible. The child himself is also having a hard time with handling the sickness – besides from staying in bed and drinking tasteless medication, sometimes it is also required to visit an outpatient clinic with its long and dull queues, where there is absolutely nothing to do, and there’s also the slightly frightening uncertainty of what is hiding behind the door of the doctor’s cabinet.

We understand parents perfectly, but what is most important – we understand children. That is exactly why we're opening Bērnu Veselības Centrs, the first specialised new format children’s clinic in Latvia. The best specialists are working here, and their knowledge and practical experience is aimed doctors to take action.

“An organism is a unified whole. A specific organ is never hurting on its own, other organs are also always suffering, which is why we believe that a complex approach guarantees an effective treatment,” explains the head physician of the centre.

Of course we also understand the importance of the psychological make-up of the patient needed for a speedy recovery. Long and dark corridors with rows of uncomfortable wooden chairs along the walls, gloomy and identical cabinets, the smell of medicine and serious grown-ups in white coats – you will not find any of this at our medical centre. We have made sure that the children can be able to conceive the doctor as a smart and good-hearted assistant whom one should not be afraid of. That is why our specialists have exchanged the traditional white coats for a cheerful multi-coloured medical uniform, and the spacious and bright corridors of our clinic are always full of joyful children – what could improve a child’s mood more than a real pet’s corner and favourite cartoons!

“Our medical centre is a cosy place where every small patient will be greeted by attentive and caring professionals. The parents may not worry about the fact that at some moment they will be left alone with their child’s sickness. We will be there from the moment of establishing the diagnosis and during the whole treatment course, always ready to give an advice and provide any other type of medical assistance, as well as provide the services of rehabilitation if necessary”

Bērnu Veselības Centrs is waiting for boys and girls, as well as their parents in Riga, 1 Raiskuma Street. Being sick is always a non-pleasant thing, but we can make the effective treatment go quickly and joyfully, and make the recovery arrive as fast as possible!

Medical Centre

Children's Health Center is created for such a way that, child can get all necessary health care services without experience from the typical atmosphere of the health care institutions. Health Centre employs highly qualified specialists who specialize in the care of Child directly due to our small patients deserve special treatment, so that they develop a positive perception from the doctors already from the first visit!
Our mission is to provide quality health care for children, giving them special approach and we use the latest treatments and diagnostic equipment, although the seemingly painful procedures to be as more painless.

Health Center for Children is a cozy with no waiting in line place, where every little patient and his parents are welcomed by caring and thoughtful professionals.

Our centre services:

  • Dopple sonography (for children)
  • Neurosonography (for the newborns and infants before 1 year old)
  • Echocardioscopy (for children)
  • Ultrasound (of abdomen, lymph glands, thyroid gland)

Professional doctors’ consultation:

  • pediatrician
  • pediatric surgeon
  • children’s cardiologist
  • children’s allergist
  • ophthalmologist
  • otolaryngologist
  • children’s neurologist
  • children’s gastroenterologist
  • rheumatologist
  • children’s recreation therapist


  • dentist
  • dental hygienist

Other specialists

  • psychologist
  • art therapist
  • visual impairment specialist
  • speech therapist

Rehabilitation (for adults and children)

  • Oxygen bath
  • Physiatrists
  • Massage therapists

Treatment room

Express tests:

  • CRP, Hb
  • Occult blood
  • Urinanalysis
  • Blood glucose

Injections (intravenous/intramuscular)

All types of analysis



Possible pediatrician and nurses home visits

Our contacts

Telephone numbers: 66663151

Web page: http:bvc-lv.com

E-mail: info@bvc-lv.com

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